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Connect with us on Thursday evenings at the Chapel or on Sunday mornings at West Edmonton Christian Assembly (WECA).

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W E C A  C H A P E L  AND  S O C I A L S

Society gathers weekly on Thursday nights for our 'main event' - worship, content & coffee. Socials, however, are weekly or bi-weekly small gatherings that make up the community aspect of Society. Socials are about getting together in small (less intimidating) groups and sharing life. They exist so that you can be yourself, be real and be challenged as you engage the Word or grab a meal together.

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V O L U N T E E R 

Society leaders are designated to set the tone and create culture where people can be open, fun and authentic! If you want the ice broken - break the ice. Being a Society leader isn't about being super spiritual or an amazing teacher. It's about loving Jesus, having a passion for community and being the bridge between awkward and honest. 

We are always looking for new people to join our dynamic team!

If you are interested in running a Social, helping out on Thursday nights or have a passion for worship, photography, sound or media - let us know!

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